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SWASTIK MINERALS is the largest producer and exporter of PURE QUARTZ GRANULES AND POWDERGrits and other Industrial Mineral. Founded in the year 2005, Swastik minerals has been through a long journey, counting various milestones. A high-scale work process, great capacity to deliver and satisfied clientele overseas are just to name a few!


Aerial View of SWASTIK MINERALS 0- Factory with capacity to Keep and produce quartz in large volumes.

2005 : Operations Started

It all started in 2005 when Mr. OM PRAKASH JAIN came to kekri and started with the trading of Industrial Minerals.

2005 : First Factory Established

Established first fatory in kekri and started processing Semi Quartz Grains of Industrial minerals.

2010 : Global Reach

By 2010 the company started exporting their product to various countries across the globe.

2014 : Launch of New SNOWHITE factory at Kekri, Ajmer

Launching of a new factory in Kekri in 2014, which dealt with the production of SNOWHITE Quartz, Grits and Fillers.


from Macro...

great company doesn’t just occur overnight. We’ve earned it! Here are some of the things we can boast of

Fully automated advanced machinery to produce best raw material for Quartz Filler, Engineering Stone etc.

Our fully Automatized production line of PURE QUARTZ GRANULES AND POWDER grits and powder. It is capable to produce almost 1000 tons on Monthly basis. This assures the consistency in the production of high-quality PURE QUARTZ GRANULES AND POWDER.

Quartz and Feldspar mines for better quality Quartz Grains and Powder and Feldspar,Quartz Slab, Quartz kitchen Top, Quartz Sink, Quartz Kitchen Sink, Artificial Quartz Stone

We own more than 5 mines of Quartz, which can provide supplies for almost 15 years to come!

Stockyard to keep quartz raw materiald, produced quartz grains and powder safe

A separate, covered warehouse with granite flooring that assures the quality-perseverance, making sure that no contamination of foreign particles happens. The location can consist upto 1000 metric tons of raw Quartz material.

to Micro...

The vastness always affects the results on smaller level. SWASTIK MINERALS assures the uniformity in the quality of product.

How, you ask? Well, it leads us to our next section.


Right from Raw-material collection to the packaging-process. SWASTIK MINERALS has adapted the latest technology to assure the best outcome.

Our new fully automated plant was founded after putting a lot of time in research. The Founder PAWAN JAIN and his team travelled to various countries like Turkey, China and Europe to discover the best technology applicable. The machinery used in the site today is the combination of Indian, German, USA and European origin. This assures pristine quality and firm stand on Global market. With awe-striking features such as the following, it’s a place to visit!

  • Mechanical dressing of Raw Quartz to make clean and PURE QUARTZ GRANULES AND POWDER
  • In-line optical camera sorting system - which helps segregate other particles and deliver the pure white Quartz particles.
  • Granite Flooring in storage area and Stone-to-stone Crushing System - We want no compromises with the quality of our products; that’s why there’s no metallic contact throughout the process of production. The cutting process makes sure to remove all the sharp edges and assure a smooth texture.
  • Air-tight Deck Screening System - To make sure that there’s no particle mixing, giving the uniformity in size of each particle. The most unique aspect, though, is our High Power Roller Magnetic System that treats each particle individually, separating the magnetic particles!
  • Auto Weighing and Bagging System - This makes each package identical.
  • Quality Control with in-set regulations; experienced man force and advanced laboratory instruments.
futuristic technology to make pure quartz production clean